Love your Internet. Achieve your Internet potential.

What is Open Gift Software?

Open Gift Software was founded to support Internet-connected organizations and users in realizing their Purpose-Driven Internet Potential Using LOVE. Love stands for: Learning, Observation, Verification, and Enlightenment so all can achieve their respective on-line goals in a secure and efficient manner.

Open Gift was inspired by Open Source (free) Software to provide software, education and enlightenment to the global Internet clan through a gift of technology.  It's not source code for programmers, but software that is usable by a wide range of stakeholders to gain insight into how Internet is used and performs. There's no obligation to receive a gift. It's a gift. If you want to support our efforts and give a gift in return: money, referrals, good deeds, or pay-it-forward, We love gifts...and your support!

The Gift of LOVE!

Love is a gift, and is the foundation of a thriving and purpose-driven Internet experience.

Here's what LOVE means to us!
Learning: Management communicates well-defined goals of Internet operations, setting clear user expectations (purpose: do specific research, customer support etc.) along with dedicating the time and resources to regular and ongoing policy and user education.
Observation: Promote understanding and self-awareness (time on-line, sites visited, files downloaded etc.) into user-Internet interactions as key to achieving and sustaining a forward-moving purpose-driven Internet operations.
Verification: Independently analyze user-Internet behaviors to identify gaps and trends in user productivity and installed technology performance.
Enlightenment: Through LOVE and understanding Internet-connected organizations and users can enjoy the rewards of purpose-driven Internet.

What does the Open Gift Include?

Our gift includes the "Purpose-Driven Internet & Information Technology User Tutorial" for all Internet users and stakeholders. The tutorial explains the implications of Internet use and helps improve user understanding and compliance. You can freely download and use the tutorial here. This content was developed by a professional HR consulting firm and vetted for legal content. You're encouraged to do your own due diligence too.

Our gift also includes a long-term license for Internet Inspector Software that you can request here. To learn more about Internet Inspector Software, please read the FAQ.